Free Electricity Power For Your House With a Magniwork Generator

Thursday, June 18, 2009

magniwork generator - You may have heard recently about an amazing product called the Magniwork Generator. This is a free energy product that uses magnets to generate electricity which can actually be used to power your home. Its a very simple device and because it uses magnets it can be used anywhere at any time. Unlike more traditional alternative energy devices it doesn't need the sun to shone, the wind to blow or a torrent of water running near to your home. A properly constructed Magniwork generator can actually help you save 30%-50% on your power bill.

There are many other benefits to be obtained from such a generator. First of all its green - not literally of course, but it is extremely eco-friendly and uses no fossil fuels or non-renewable energy sources to drive it. Being made primarily from magnets its also very safe. There are no flammable liquids or combustible fuel sources to worry about so you quite happily run it in your own home.

Its also incredibly long lasting. Being a simple device theres basically not much to go wrong. This means that, unlike some more complex alternative energy devices such as wind turbines or solar panels it will not wear out over time and needs virtually zero maintenance.

Its compact so it can be built in your garage or kitchen if you prefer, and it can be housed almost anywhere in your home from the basement to the bathroom - well not quite but you get the idea.

Finally its very simple to build. All you need are some basic household tools and a couple of days of your time. Experienced DIY'ers will be able to build one much quicker than this. With the materials costing around $200 you can see how a little time invested building a Magniwork Generator can reap large savings on your electricity bills over the coming years.


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