How to remove computer viruses in a manual way?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Most of us computer users recognize computer viruses which for us is a very irritating program. A computer virus is a tiny program created to modify the way a computer manages, without the permission or awareness of the user. Most of us computer users rely on computer anti-virus which some of it are not good in removing a virus. Well there is a simple way to remove a virus without an anti-virus, in an easy, manual way to remove.

This is we rely on command prompt in accessories tab in start menu. First in command prompt type a command which you want to test whether it contains virus or not, like for example G: or any hard drive

Fig. 1

As you enter type a command attrib –s –h –r in G: drive like this:

Fig. 2

As you enter this command, type dir in G: drive like this:

Fig. 3

Then a couple of files in drive G: will automatically view like this:

Fig. 4

Opps!! Did you notice there is a virus right, a .exe and .inf folder embedded in this drive, in the previous section we type a command attrib –s –h –r because this command can view all including hidden files or program so that we can easily remove it later. How we remove this .exe and .inf viruses.

Finally type a command del *.exe so that all .exe files will be deleted and to remove .inf virus, just simply type del autorun.inf after you type del *.exe, actually you can also type autorun.inf first, its up to you.

Fig. 5

After you type this command, type again attrib –s –h –r then type dir see fig. 3, this will ensure whether a virus has been removed.

Fig. 6

You see after we type those command a .exe and .inf viruses have been successfully deleted.
When you browse that drive please go to tools menu then click folder options and click view hidden files, it is because the virus .exe hides your folder that affected with the virus like this:

Fig. 7

Just simply right click all folders which is hidden then click the properties in the dialog box that appears and unclick the hidden checkbox in the dialog box that appear and click apply then click ok button, if it ask about including its sub-folders, click ok anyway. Then that’s it is.

Fig. 8

Fig. 9

As you see anyway the virus are completely removed in the drive G:

Please take note of this be careful about the program which contains also a .exe file extension, because it will also deleted.


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