Caliente Salsa

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Caliente Salsa

Do you really want to feel a burning sensation covering your mouth then; here it is Caliente Salsa gives you this burning taste. The burning sensation of this Salsa is stayed even longer its heat comes fast as you savor this kind of sauce. It comes with 12 oz. container bottle and costs $7.99. Whoooo!!! It’s so hot……

Fischer and Wieser: The Original Roasted Raspberry Chipolte Sauce

If Caliente Salsa is a hot sauce then attempt to take this smoky heck sauce with matching sweet sensation yeahh. It’s best to dispense over elastic cream and supply it with crackers. The innovative Roast Raspberry Chipolte also great as a supplement with any meat like pork, beef, fish. It can bearly smoke you up within a second after you taste it, it comes also with Cherith Valley, Jalapeno Jelly which is more spicier than any other jelly.
It comes up with 15.75 oz. bottle and costs $8.99. So what you are waiting smoke it off right now.


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