Two New Lego Gadgets use Mini-Figs

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A new cute figurine had come out to the market right now this is the Two New Lego Gadgets which using a Mini-Figs.

Two New Lego Gadgets use Mini-Figs

The First was an official Lego product which is a Lego LED Lantern. This 8.8" tall Lego figurine can swing from there and hangs like a monkey. This figurine consumes 4 white LED lights and four AA batteries.

The Second figurine was not a truly official Lego products but this can really amaze everything because this figurine is like a flash drives some of them are Star Wars characters like Yoda, Imperial Stormtrooper. Some of them are spongebob squarepants. Besides the difference from the first one this second figurine comes in all sizes, shapes. Well then if you want to obtain this cute figurine then it cost $19.99. This figurine price is based on its memory and sizes so grab it now this Two New Lego Gadgets.


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