Adesso WKB-4000BB: SlimTouch Bluetooth Keyboard

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I featured the reviewed Bluetooth keyboards before, and this Adesso SlimTouch Bluetooth keyboard is organized for those who suchlike the shorter and slimmer designing of netbook keyboards. It is also redeeming for those who don't acquire a lot of inhabit in their backpacks as it is not really thickened. The WKB-4000BB faculty wreak with Windows XP, Vista, and the spanking-new Windows 7.

The SlimTouch Mini keyboard comes with a Bluetooth USB dongle that is so small…how elfin is it? It is so dinky, the box had to love an arrow expression "USB dongle" or a new person would not screw been healthy to comprehend it. Yeah, that recreation isn't really singular, but usually those "how (disruption adjective here) is it" jokes unremarkably aren't.

SlimTouch Bluetooth Keyboard

The Adesso SlimTouch Bluetooth Keyboard can be purchased at the Adesso parcel for around $129.99, its cheap right. It requires two AAA batteries for force, and pairs quite easily with computer or flatbottomed transferable sound.


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