FiiO Headphone Amplifiers

Monday, October 5, 2009

A new particular best quality headphone/music players which is good set to ears is coming, and this headphone is FiiO Headphone Amplifiers. It is a bit handy and easy to bring wherever you want.

FiiO Headphone Amplifiers

This amps device can goes to a media player of a computer and headphones. A Texas Instruments microchips whithin the processes of the signal to make it fast and reliable together and make a better output.


Below is the wave length of FiiO is normal one and also the one at bottom. As shown in the wave length signature there was a noticeable enhancement between the sound quality, most especially its bass while over-all volume has also boosting. This device FiiO E3 costs Php500 and FiiO E5 costs Php1,200.

 wave signature


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