Malibu digital Drink Mixer Preview

Monday, October 26, 2009

Malibu digital Drink Mixer is a rum that the man loves, is now substance a digital agency that offers you the adventure to piddle the perfect salute instruction just by playing around with transonic variables that instrument in displace correspond to an orbit of dissimilar taste preferences.

Designed by a team of renowned music DJs, Drink Mixer provides a deep sensory experience by allowing fans to experiment with mixing sound and taste together. The Drink Mixer offers 625 beat variations and 81 different drink recipes. The drink outcome is offered to the user along with a corresponding recipe and downloadable MP3 file that can be used as a ringtone, shared with friends or posted to their blog.

Malibu digital Drink Mixer

This sounds similar to a pretty unemotional way to change a wind for the coming Halloween period in this cool Malibu digital Drink Mixer!


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