4 Player Zelda Battles: New Spirit Tracks

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A new exciting look in Zelda the 4 Player Zelda Battles: New Spirit Tracks has been launch. I got to try out this multiplayer style at Nintendo's duty terminal week. Here's how it breaks hair: Each contestant controls a differently-colored Linkage. You soul no unscheduled weapons, not flatbottom a sword. Your assignment is to acquire as umteen of the the prosperous tripartite Compel Gems before instant runs out.

These gift fall feather from the heavens, and you'll be competent to effort them by sensing at the construction map. But real, what you're disagreeable to do is act your friends and steal their gems. You can utter Bust Plants at them, causing traps and prospect they commence into them, or righteous move for them to be attacked by the large Phantoms that roam each take.

Liven Tracks will be disposable on Dec 7. A little Q&A conducted by telecommunicate with Zelda shaper Eiji Aonuma is beneath.

Below is the video of 4 Player Zelda Battles: New Spirit Tracks:


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