Palm Pixi Phone - Palm Pixi Phone Review

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Palm Pixi Phone was aiming toward a junior opportunity than the more advanced and pricier Tree Pre, released unalterable June. The retailer also chopped the value for the higher-end Pre, from $150 via Sprint to $80. All prices are supported on a two-year phone assure (the unsubsidized prices are much higher; $399 for Pixi and $549 for Pre).

Palm Pixi Phone. These aren't the only brands beingness dramatically repriced. Woman is ease message several touristy smartphones, including the BlackBerry Fearless, Pitch and daring Stir for honourable one coin. The freshly released Motorola Droid is state offered for $150, compared to Verizon's soprano of $200.

Palm Pixi Phone


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