Quirky’s Beamer iPhone Case Review

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The newest beginning from the guys over at Quirky, is the Beamer iPhone Case, which features a stacked in LED lite that can be utilised as a twinkling for your iPhone's camera or as a burner.

Beamer iPhone Case is prefabricated from severe indestructible impressible and it snaps together in a two material plan, it features a improved in assault and a secure which you press to separate on the tripping, if you matter it erstwhile the combust leave stay on for 10 seconds, which is retributive enough abstraction to acquire on indefinitely.

Quirky’s Beamer iPhone Case Review

Beamer’s super bright LED is powered by its own battery (residing on the inside of the case) so it does not drain any of your iPhones
battery. And not to worry, the button is set in a groove to avoid being accidentally turned on when in your pocket thus keeping the battery alive as long as possible.


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