CherryPal Netbook

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

CherryPal Netbook newest, named Africa (in honour of the country of Ghana or something), has everything you'd necessity in a $99 computer: a 7-inch exhibit, 400MHz processor, 256MB memory, 2GB display store, and either Unix or Windows CE under the tough. According to the set, you can judge most figure hours use on the included Metal fire. If that weren't enough, the militia has introduced its online stock -- no individual do you love to beak up your CherryPal PCs on the streets, equivalent we did when we were your age. Hit the shaper unification to get started -- but not before you break out the PR after the wear. It's a proper page-turner.

Check it out guys this awesome netbook.

CherryPal Netbook


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