Demon’s Souls Game for Holiday Season

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Demon’s Souls Game

Demon’s Souls Game for Holiday Season. Yeahh, a new 3 player playstation game arrived with ease, This game I think is 4D. When you look at the picture above it seems like a movie right?

According to Gus Mastrapa:

Players must be online to take part in the event, which will artificially keep the game’s world tendency at “pure white” until December 28. This seven-day reprieve will result in enemies with lower health and damage. Experience gain will be slowed, but in return you’ll find more healing items as you adventure. These tweaks won’t make Demon’s Souls a casual game by any means, but they will make it a good time to ease into the notoriously difficult game or farm for useful healing herbs.

In October, Demon’s Souls publisher Atlus held a similar event in honor of Halloween. The game’s world tendency was jacked all the way to pure black — making the game even harder, but rewarding the headstrong with amped up experience and killer loot.


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