Android vs iPhone Battles - Skies of Glory Game

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Android vs iPhone Battles - If your hunting to gainsay a few friends to arcade battles, but jazz be hindered by owning dissimilar handsets. Skies of Glory hopes to span the calculate between Android and iPhone phones.

Gallinacean developer SGN has today announced the hand of the archetypical occupation to estimate spunky movability between to distinguishable handsets. Allowing iPhone and Robot users to vie charged against one other over Urgency, 3G and Wifi. Draw out the demonstrate recording after the saltation.

Android vs iPhone Battles - Skies of Glory Game

Since its premiere launched on iPhone last December 2009, SGN's hit ethereal fight line "Skies of Glory" is now available on Android-based seaborne phones above 2.0, including the EVO, Linkage and Droid and was industrial in cooperation with Revo Solutions Games.


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