Apple earnings despite IPhone 4

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Apple earnings despite IPhone 4 - Maybe someday Apple consumers have problems with reception issues with iPhone. And maybe the problems will spread to the rest of the line of the company.

But the latest quarterly earnings results, Apple has little to worry about. Apple said it had the best earnings ever, with revenues of $ 15,700,000,000 and $ 3,250,000,000 in revenue, compared with $ 9,700,000,000 in revenue and $ 1800 million in revenue for the quarter last year.

Apple earnings despite IPhone 4

The fourth involves the release of IPAD - which sold 3.27 million units, and the iPhone, 4.

"It was a spectacular quarter exceeded our expectations at all, even the most successful product launch in the history of Apple s"with the iPhone, in April,"said the CEO of Apple Steve Jobs in a statement."IPAD is an excellent start, more people buying Mac computers ever, and we have incredible new products still to come this year'.

Apple sold 3.47 million computers Macintosh, better than ever in a quarter, 33% over the previous quarter and 8.4 million iPhones (3G mostly older model). Meanwhile, about 9.4 million iPods have been sold too.


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