Toshiba AC100 - Dynabook AZ Smartbook

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Technology as of now is getting bigger and bigger, that's why we are lucky enough to be born in this century full of gadgets. On the press event held a while ago where they tackled the HP Mini 100e, XPPhone, Dell Streak, Viliv N5 about there complexity and quality and why is it that Android is not the best answer.

By the way guys here is the HP Mini 100e xpPhone specs:

HP Mini 100e
N550 — 1015n optimus Netbook Italia.
UMPCs / Windows Tablets

N5 on its way Live
Smart Devices

Another new Toshiba AC100 specs:

Toshiba AC100. Pre-order in Japan $500 for Wifi-only. Bzzzzt!
w100 dual screen thingy
iPhone 4. First reviews, videos, photos out. Screen, Battery life, processing power. Germany price: 250 Euros + 50*24 = 1450. 70 Euros more than a 3GS.

Toshiba AC100

Toshiba AC100 and Dynabook AZ Smartbook video demo:


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