Dragon’s Lore Apk 1.0 Download

Monday, August 6, 2012

You are surrounded by Japanese dragons. But don’t worry, these dragons won’t kill you instead they will acquaint you throughout your journey. Setup yourself in the world of Legends and Japaneses culture!!

Dragon’s Lore Apk 1.0 Download

Dragon’s Lore is a casual type game based on an old fairy tale where you match similar colored cubes and thereby getting score and gold!! play now!!

Reduce the number of cubes over the field and thus move to the more tough levels. Collect coins, gold and money and also enjoy the Bonus levels!!
Choose arcade mode if you wish to play in no time limits or Classic mode if you wish to play in time limits. Don’t forget to read the story its quite interesting. “Puzzle” mode forces you to think hard about the best solution for different riddles in this mode. “Infinity” mode allows you to play as long as you wish, set outstanding high-scores until there are no possible moves.
There’s even a HotSeat mode for a chance to enjoy the game with your friends!!

Game features:
4 single player game modes
HotSeat mode
About 200 levels
Story mode with a full-blooded plot and upgrade system

Feel free to download this app below:



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