Plants vs Zombies 2 App Launch Download

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It could be easy for a mobile app such as Plants Vs Zombies 2 to get lost among the gaming big guns at this year's E3 - the world's largest gaming trade show - but that's not the case.
Behind closed doors at EA's mobile platform presentation - the publisher that snapped up Popcap, the developer of the original app - we sat eagerly on a cushy white couch, iPad in hand, near-butterflies in stomach in anticipation of playing. Why? Because the original Plants Vs Zombies is that good.

Affectionately introduced to us as "PVZ2", the title maintains the good stuff of the original: it's got the same core mechanics and is accessible from the getgo.

The angled view onto the single-screen gaming landscape shows five rows that zombies can proceed down. Each is divided into nine sections where plants can be placed. It's the same basic mechanic as the original game. But it works because it's simple and manageable. We did wonder if larger levels would appear, but that's not the case.
Instead PVZ2 has gone a bit "Mario". The game path is still linear, but in the same way that Mario Wii U has maps with individual levels, so too does PVZ2. Start at the beginning, progress and save as you go. On the map gates can be unlocked to access permanent power-ups and acquire new plants in different worlds.

Egypt is one world, comprised of 26 levels, but there are two others themed worlds at launch: the wild west and pirates. There's also a blacked-out third world that looks like alien spaceships to us - plus more worlds will unlock free of charge in the future.



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