Flappy Bird Latest Viral Cheat Codes

Monday, February 3, 2014

Flappy Bird Latest Viral Cheat Codes. The Flappy Bird game has in use over the No. 1 for its category for free of charge games on the iOS and Google Play app stores in this week. It’s an effortless game in conditions of graphics, but it has very tricky game play, that was made gamers play it more and more for a second time and helped it multiply roughly.

Some spectator thinks such a sky rocket ride as Flappy Bird has seen can only be achievable with immense endorsement.

Flappy Bird Latest Viral Cheat Codes

In Flappy Bird, you strike the screen to make the cute bird soar. Given that there are no directions, the initial time you do this your bird will flutter its wings one time and then drop into the floor (ouch that hurts so much). Then the game is over within a moment. Subsequently, you’ll outline out that you have to stay striking the screen to make the wings flutter. And then you have to contrive your bird throughout Mario-like cylinder. That’s the tough part. After a hundred tries, my score is only 8. My nieces are doing well at 11 and 13.

Here’s you see once you play the game, you’ll see several promotion included into it. So Nguyen is initially paid on his conception, which in fact hit the Google App Store way back in May 2013 but freshly it goes viral. The game has no in-app acquisitions, which are the standard way for free app games to make cash these days on mobile phone.

Sarah Young of cellular phone promotion firm NativeX has her personal speculation on why Flappy Bird has been so sizzling. One of the causes is that the skill-based game play series is so dumpy that you can attempt it over and over again, and then you’ll desire to contribute to that occurrence.

Although this is a 8 bit graphics it is so addicting that you can play it again and again.

Here's one of their observations about the emotions you've been experienced during the ten minutes of the game:

Curiosity, of the mysterious app that appeared at the top of the charts.
Endearment: The little 8-bit duck is pretty darn cute.
Nostalgia, from the Mario theme and the coin chime. Everyone has a warm fuzzy feeling when they are reminded of playing Mario.

Vindictiveness: Hey they just ripped off the Mario theme! Bogus.
Confusion: WTF. I got Game Over in 5 seconds?
Panic: OMG, you’re about to get your new best score… don’t blow it…!!”
Rage: Insert your choice profanity here.
Frustration: “Ugh I suck at this game!”
Denial: “This game is impossible,” or “It’s TOO hard. They need to make it easier,” or “This game sucks.”



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