8 Foot-Inflatable Home Theater

Saturday, August 15, 2009

8 Foot-Inflatable Home Theater

8 Foot-Inflatable Home Theater - How many times we wondered about watching our favorite movies in a wide and huge television? Well come to think of it the 8-foot Inflatable Home Theater will now provides you with these wide imaginations. This huge television works enormous in your pool or even on your backyard. If you want some huge viewing area just looks for a 12-foot Inflatable Home Theater. You can also add extra speakers to the system, as well as you are comfortable with it. This huge television can mount on tough PVC frame with a powerful screen.


• Inflatable screen
• 2 8" 80-watt speakers
• 4 6" ground stakes
• 4 stabilization rope (20') tie-downs
• Repair kit (4 patches and 4 tubes of glue)
• UL-listed air inflator/deflator with hose
• Plastic ground sheet
• Screen and frame storage duffel
• Volume control box
• 30' L-R RCA audio cables
• Adjustable screen straps

Additional features:

• Measures 108"X96"X60" when inflated
• Weighs 19.8 pounds
• 100 Watts
• 55Hz to 18kHz
• Microphone and stereo inputs

You can get this from: http://www.smarthome.com/597508/8-Foot-Inflatable-Backyard-Theater-w-Speakers-Outdoor-Home-Theater/p.aspx. Grab it now!


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