Nabaztag Wifi Smart Rabbit

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nabaztag Wifi Smart Rabbit

Do you work in a computer workspace which is tedious, monotonous? Well then there is a gadget which is best suite for your boring. This is Nabaztag Wifi Smart Rabbit. This cute little bunny has a batch of abilities.

This includes:

Can interpret an essential email from your manager,
Can tell you the accurate climate forecasts and the stock marketplace outcome for the day.
Can play music, tell you the time, and pull any RSS feeds you desire.
In the addition of this computer functions the rabbit is expert at performing,
Can also talk, whistle, move those cute, floppy ears and copy the other rabbits in your office space!

There are coming soon features of these gadgets which will be able to locate the traffic updates and many more. This elegant gadget is best with Wi-Fi with 802.11 b or g which fits in tiny places and also contains free of charge services.

Grab it here now:


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