Are We Ready for 64-bit?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Windows 7

Windows 7 edition decided to go with a 64-bit, well it’s been like a half decade as of now that 64-bit version of Windows are obtainable but it hasn’t gone a mainstream.

Previously, the main anxiety is that even if the Operating System and the hardware is proficient of 64-bit, the greater part of the software are accumulated into 32-bit code so in fact you can’t obtain a significant development. Furthermore, with the 32-bit Windows Operating System, it can only use up to 3 gigabytes of RAM so if that’s the case if you have two sticks of 2 gigabytes of RAM or 4 gigabytes total, your system can only see 3 gigabytes and the remaining 1 gigabyte is in idle state.


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