Washable Mouse

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Washable Mouse

Do you have heard a washable computer mouse? Yeahh it is quite amazing right. Well this visual mouse is designed to be easily cleaned without cleaning merchandise. Daily disinfection of your mouse can avoid getting a bacteria’s causing illnesses. Then what you are waiting for just go to

http://www.unotron.com/US/Products.html#WM10WashableMouse and see those incredible mouse.

Washable mouse features:

The Cleanliness You Want.
• Washable by design.
Sealed structure lets you wash and sterlise.

• Easy to disinfect.
Can withstand being immersed in antibacterial solutions and rinsed under a tap to reduce spread of germs.
The Performance You Expect.

• 2.4GHz wireless freedom.
Eliminate cable clutter and enjoy working at long range with no interference, works up to 8m away from the PC.

• 3 Button Mouse with Scroll Wheel.
First washable mouse to incorporate a removable scroll wheel.

• Comfortable and easy to use.
Smooth optical tracking and ergonomic design.

• Button Pressure.
Standard button switch pressure.


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