Dance On Keyboard

Sunday, September 27, 2009

How many times we say that dance is a good exercise? But what if we dance on keyboard do you agree on that. Then let me show to you the wonders of dancing with Dance on Keyboard.

dance on keyboard

This keyboard mat allows budding virtuosos to compose their own music as they dance, jump, or run on the keys. Fourteen white and 10 black keys–almost two full octaves–produce individual tones or melodic harmonies. Nearly 6′ long, the keyboard is large enough for duets, and musicians can record and instantly listen to their compositions or tap along with prerecorded songs. The mat replicates the sounds of eight instruments (piano, guitar, trumpet, saxophone, banjo, oboe, violin, and vibraphone).

Hehehe, this gadgets are not suitable for adults it is suitable for kids only.

It's price is $39.95. Not bad right if the kids are enjoying.


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