Top 10 Kanye West Interruption Parodies

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If you are living in world without Wi-Fi or a 3G signal then you perhaps you’ve been heard about Kanye West’s explosion at the Video Music Awards. The Web is rapidly dominating the rescuing with a swing of parodies, mashups and Photochops of even enhanced Kanye disruptions.

Below is the top ten Kanye West Interruption Parodies check it out:

1. Yo Obama

2. Yo Declaration of Independence
Yo Declaration of Independence

3. Yo Palin
Yo Palin

4.Hitler Reacts

5. Yo Keyboard Cat
Yo Keyboard Cat

6. Best Single Serving Website
Best Single Serving Website

7. Yo Jesus
Yo Jesus

8. Twitter Twibbon
Twitter Twibbon

9. Yo Mario
Yo Mario

10. Yo Shaq
Yo Shaq


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