LG Solar Cell e-Book

Monday, October 12, 2009

Do you have seen a solar cell e-book? Then just take a gaze the new solar powered entitled LG's Solar Cell e-Book which lasts an extra days with a simple five hours sunlight display. This is a good news for all the users which takes time spending in front of a TV.

Below is the product features:

"an energy conversion efficiency of about 9.6 percent giving it an extra day's worth of power from that 6-inch TFT-LCD after about four to five hours in the sun. LG is working towards boosting its thin-film solar cell energy conversion efficiency rate to 12% by 2010 on up to 14% by 2012."

LG Solar Cell e-Book

Let's support LG for a rapid technological development and the babe beyond on it. Just kidding.


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