Windows 7 || HP Mini 311 Line

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Windows Seven launches the new HP Mini 311 in the Line, it is a gadget which is highly respectable 1080p-pumping machine built-in on its own right.

Recently Mini 311 service manual was given to all the places where MyHPMini determine a host of attention which regards to the near future of Windows 7

* Full NVidia ION support
* 80GB SSD
* 2GB / 3GB RAM
* 250GB HDD 5400rpm
* 320GB HDD 5400rpm
* Windows 7 Starter, Premium and Professional (all 32-bit) OSes

Windows 7 with HP Mini 311 Line

This HP Mini 311 is available only 1 gigabytes of RAM, 160 gigabytes hard drive and an ION LE without DirectX support and notes Liliputing. The recent price is about $400. Keep updated on recent gadgets obviously with a great features next time.


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